Monday, February 15, 2016

Hamsas Xiii - Let's Go Out Tonight (Review)

It’s not easy to make a cover song unless you decide to repeat the same formula of the original. The problem is that if you do so, you are literally mimicking without adding a surplus of creativity. 

Take for example a book that you read. If you read it just once, you probably will stick to the narrative in order to follow the main plot. In a second reading you will take notice of things that escaped when you first read it. That’s where the book truly begins the moment you reconstruct its narrative and make it your own. The same happens with a theater play or a film script or in this case with a song.
After their beautiful and addictive debut album “Encompass” Hamsas Xiii are working on some new material and released last Valentine’s Day their brand new single which is a cover of the song “Let’s Go Out Tonight” written by Paul Buchanan from the 80’s Scottish band “The Blue Nile”. This song is part of their second and most successful album, “Hats”, which gave them the possibility to tour as Rickie Lee Jones support act during her US Flying Cowboys Tour in 1990. As a band “The Blue Nile” was particularly influenced by bands/musicians such like 10 CC, Roxy Music/Brian Ferry, Steely Dan, and Japan/David Sylvian, which somehow enabled them to build this sort of a certain kind of lush and posh nocturnal adult cinematic pop. 

The cover now released by Hamsas Xiii makes the original look ordinary and uninteresting, even boring because they have transformed the song in such a way that they made the cover sound much better than the original with a Goth-esque approach to the original song. Hamsas Xiii made the song much darker transformed it in a wonderful, desperate chaotic love lament where keys remind Diamanda Galas though the song evolves in a more This Mortal Coil-esque direction, displaying a dense piano atmosphere, weaving layers of sound cut by a jagged edgy guitar blasting in the distance while a steady pounding snare sound keeps the rhythmic texture. The vocals are simply brilliant and heartfelt.