September 24, 2016

The Foreign Resort: 'The American Dream' EP Reissue + US/CAN Tour [PROMO]

"This band is epic!" - The Big Takeover

"Takes the listener into “new frontiers” of electronic music infused with ’80s melodies and new wave punk” – Elmore Magazine

"The most effective new wave this side of the oughts" - Sounds Better With Reverb

“Post Punk par excellence” – DeepGround

"One of the most dynamic exports to come out of Denmark in the past few years" - Gothic Beauty Magazine

“Captivating post punk passion & 80s inspired new wave romanticism – fully charged with radiant guitars and intense vocals” – 50ThirdAnd3rd

"Post punk intensity blended with a charming dark pop groove. Sounds perfect." - Indievotion

The Foreign Resort will be reissuing CDs for ‘The American Dream’ EP via Texas-based label Moon Sounds Records and have announced dates for their upcoming North American tour. This will be their 11th tour on the continent and will also include 3 Canadian dates.

‘The American Dream’ consists of five songs with a simpler but more intense expression than ever heard before from the band. Following up their 2014 album ‘New Frontiers’, which was produced and mixed by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins) and ranked among top albums of the year in many blogs and stations like WZBC and KDHX, the band first released ‘The American Dream’ in October 2015.

Led by singer and songwriter Mikkel Jakobsen, The Foreign Resort are Denmark's finest musical export of post-punk and dark new wave, combining the shadowy mysticism of The Cure's Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. Intricate reverb-enveloped guitar lines and Mikkel's taut and sincere vocal delivery glide over Steffan Petersen's motorik bass and Morten Hansen’s powerful drumming.

Having toured with The Raveonettes, A Place to Bury Strangers and Swervedriver, they have also shared bills with bands like DIIV, The Soft Moon, The KVB and Slowdive.

This tour is one of three made possible through a successful crowdfunding campaign, for which they ended up cooking Danish dinner and playing intimate shows in several American homes, which brought them even closer to the American people.

"That experience goes beyond anything we have done before and it's so great when we felt that passion about our music and could share it with others. We have some amazing fans and we are so grateful for that," says Mikkel Jakobsen.

The Foreign Resort are addicted to the allure of America's lost highways. Since 2010, the band has rigorously played more than 350 shows across the United States and Europe. Highlights include performances at SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, the CMJ Music Marathon, and one of the world’s largest Goth festivals Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.

"There’s gonna be some pretty intense drives between cities, but that’s another thing we like about touring. Experiencing countries from the road and, of course, from the many venues we play at. We can’t wait to come over,” says frontman Mikkel Jakobsen.

This autumn, the band's 2011 EP 'The Foreign Resort' finally gets a much deserved vinyl re-issue though Moon Sounds Records thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign via PledgeMusic. This September-October visit to North America is the final tour in support of ‘The American Dream’, after which the band shall return to the studio to record a new full length, set for release in 2017.


9/25 Boise, ID - Neurolux (with Nite, Camp)

9/26 Seattle, WA - Funhouse (with Portable Morla, Charlatan, Nite)

9/27 Portland, OR - Panic Room (with Nite, Shadowlands)

9/28 San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern (with Introflirt, Nite, Fake Your Own Death)

9/29 San Diego, CA - Soda Bar (with Well Well Well, Nite, Prgrm)

9/30 Los Angeles, CA - Union Nightclub (with Clock DVA, Asylum, Nite, Boan, Akronym)

10/1 El Centro, CA - Strangers West (with Prgrm, Nite)

10/2 Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar (with Prgrm, Nite)

September 22, 2016

Jenny Hval: 'Blood Bitch' LP (2016)

WEIRD: "A Long Period of Blindness" LP, Fall Tour [PROMO]

"It’s an ambient rock feast with psych swagger, shoegaze swoon and epic slow burners!" - Sounds Better With Reverb

"Beautiful, composed and graceful on the surface, but there is definitely turmoil somewhere, maybe deeply buried, long ago" - Primal Music

"A monster of dark psych, showering shoegaze and pummelling rhythms that washes over you like a black tide. It is also eloquent - there is a delicateness that underscores the gloss and reverb that penetrates" - Sonic Masala

"A dark, thoroughly enticing beauty... windswept, gothic splendour" - Echoes And Dust

“WEIRD has crafted a touching curtain of beautiful dark sonic devastation." - Indievotion

After a short summer break and the writing of material for their third album nearly complete, WEIRD. have announced there is a new single on the horizon first, for which they are offering a work-in-progress teaser, a somewhat minimalistic version of the track-to-come. They have also announced they will tour this month, with dates confirmed in various cities in Italy, France and Switzerland, and have just released a new live video of 'Infinite Decay' as a taste of what to expect.

During the Italian leg of the tour, they will tour with New York's legendary shoegaze outfit THE VELDT, key protégés of Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and contemporaries of A.R.Kane. The Veldt will be touring Italy for the first time as part of their wider European tour, in promotion of their new EP 'The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur'.

With a rich history of touring with the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Cocteau Twins, and TV on the Radio, they have also played with The Pixies, Echo & The Bunnymen, Throwing Muses, Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, Living Colour and many other cult artists. Most recently they toured with The Brian Jonestown Massacre for their U.S. East coast dates. The Veldt will finally tour Italy thanks to the efforts of Lady Sometimes Records, visiting between dates at several major European festivals (Reverence Festival, Liverpool Psych Festival, and GataFest Sweden).

The release of Weird.'s 2015 album 'A Long Period of Blindness' was celebrated with a successful 40-gig tour throughout Italy. The album was met with positive reviews both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to their unique mix of noisy distortion, dreamy melodies and reverb-laden harmonies, the band has been listed among the lead figures of contemporary Italian psych-gaze, along with the likes of Stella Diana, Be Forest, Rev Rev Rev, Brothers in Law, Novanta and Clustersun.

While waiting for the new single to be released, catch the band at one of the following concerts and enjoy their latest videos for 'Infinite Decay' and 'Dead Wax'. Also find 'A Long Period of Blindness', which is available on CD and 12" vinyl, as well as digitally, through Lady Sometimes Records.


09/23 DIJON, France • Les Tanneries

09/24 LYON, France • Urgences Sonores Secret Show

09/25 PARIS, France • TBC

September 20, 2016

Indie Talking with Shana Falana...

Indievotion publishes today the fourth interview from a series of in-depth talks with musicians/bands that we deeply cherish, acknowledge their talent, creativity, resilience and envision them as groundbreaking acts away from the inane mainstream numbness.

This amazing interview was only possible due to the absolute generosity of our interviewee, Shana Falana, who promptly accepted our challenge and actively cooperated to help making it happen. Thanks for being so rad! For all those not yet acquainted with Shana Falana we should briefly say the she is a Kingston (NY) based musician originally from San Francisco and front woman of the “supertastic” not-so-dark-pop duo that goes with her name, along with her domestic partner and drummer Mike Amari.

Shana Falana has been composing, writing, recording and releasing songs since 1995 from the west to the east coast. Shana Falana is making awesome sonic bouquets for quite a long time strenuously fighting for a deserved place in the sun. In spite of Shana Falana's long career, her debut release only happened back in 2012 with “In the Light” EP produced by Kevin McMahon and with the little help of the unique Jane Scarpantoni as additional musician. Briefly and without pretending to review it now In The Light EP was a bold and beautiful statement of a musician that weaved "Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares" with "Dead Can Dance" and "Hugo Largo" which is something pretty inventive.

The overall result was something I dare label as "mantric experimental ambient pop" once summoned all the inner demons within some church walls. Vocally extremely well crafted “In the Light” EP worked as an epiphany. Shana Falana made us patiently wait whole three years for her debut full-length. "Set Your Lightning Fire Free" was an elegy of positively spooked good vibrations and an enthusiastic demonstration of joy disguised as dark grim dream pop. Do not let yourself be fooled by one of the very best album of 2015 and get ready to welcome wave that is about to hit new sonic shores.

1. Before SHANA FALANA officially formed back in 2011, you were so to say performing as a solo musician. You left San Francisco for NY in 2003 to pursue making music in Brooklyn. What made you decide to form the band? How much of your cultural travelling, musical background contributed to that decision?

I guess I considered myself a solo musician because bands are so hard to keep together in NY. Everyone is so busy! When I moved upstate in 2008 I formed a band and called it FullON! That too soon disbanded and then again solo, I went through many drummers, 5 in a year I think! Finally, when I met Mike Amari and we became a couple, I started another 'band' with him and that has lasted 5 years.... I think that its really super special to find people that you really can create with, even with Mike it's taken me years to let his ideas in and to accommodate his input.

2. You are not a full time musician. In fact, you also work as a house painter, which is a bit unusual. How do you see the artist’s challenge of balancing life and art? To what extent does it interfere with your creative process, rehearsal logistics or recording process?

I think that because I work for myself house painting it's actually so much EASIER than if I had some straight job or if I worked for someone else. I do feel tired at the end of the day so that can make it difficult to drag my ass to a rehearsal. Winter is usually a good time for me to do creative projects; painting seems to slow down in the winter, good time to demo a record, work on projections etc.... The hardest might be timing touring with work only because my busy times painting are in the spring, summer and fall which is when Mike wants us on the road!

3. SHANA FALANA is often defined as a dream-pop, shoegaze psych rock band. Do you feel at ease with this labelling and how do you deal with it?

I was really confused when I was defined as a shoegaze band, dream pop I get, but I just went with it because honestly the shoegaze scene is the sweetest most supportive scene I've ever experienced! Whatever you need to label us as! This album coming out now to me is 'dark pop' but what do I know!

4. Considering your previous answer how would you then define the band’s sound and what is your musical comfort zone in case you creatively consider there is one?

I write so, so, many different styles, I write folk songs! I write little pop songs! I write experimental vocal ambient cello songs. I write some other songs that sound like metal!!! I love it all! Trying to choose what style or sound to put on these records has been really, really, challenging for me, there’s so much to choose from and I don't know what will work 'together', there's no comfort zone for me.

5. New York is truly a gold mine of talented musicians and aesthetically revolutionary bands. As Kingston based musician two hours away by car from NYC how would you describe the indie/alternative music scene there when in comparison to Brooklyn’s creative effervescence?

Living 2 hours from the city is amazing.... I live in a beautiful dreamy Hudson Valley, pay cheap rent and still enjoy a vivacious artist community. Mike books a music venue here in town called BSP Kingston, and he has hand-picked bands from the city to come up and play here, bringing a lot of musical culture to this growing town. There are staple local favorite bands though, that maybe sound like a Brooklyn band, but they came from here!!! PWRBTTM, Diet Cig, Battle Ave, Laura Stevenson, Breakfast in Fur, INNIS and new local favorite Top Nachos !!!!

6. Can it be objectively said that SHANA FALANA creative process is somewhat influenced by their urban environment or are there any other more meaningful variables?

I think the only thing that is in the creative process is finding the time to create! Thank god, I have albums of back catalogue from when I was in San Fran and Brooklyn, I've written a few songs since moving in 2008 to Kingston but only a handful!

7. When i researched your bio it impressed me the fact that you consider yourself a ‘channeller’. I am personally highly interested in this sort of mediunic relation towards art. What is the role of spirituality in your life and how do you relate it to the tricky process of inspiration?

Oddly enough, before I got sober I wrote a lot more 'devotional' sounding music, songs about energy and believing in yourself, being true to yourself, "There's Away" and "Shine Thru" are examples of that from Set Your Lightning Fire Free. I have so many more from that time in my life, lots of chants and almost music spells, still working up to letting that side of me come through. I like writing dark lyrics in shiney sounding songs "Cloudbeats" on our new record Here Comes the Waves, or catchy positive songs for the kids on our new single "Cool Kids". I just let it all come out, I don't judge it when it's passing through me, I just hit record.

8. On a more instrumental level how would you describe SHANA FALANA songwriting and composing process? Is this natural process and slow or do your lyrics come suddenly before getting into the studio?

I will sit and "demo" an entire record before I go into the studio! Studios are expensive and my producer Dan Goodwin loves that I take the time and make a list of what needs to get recorded on every song. Everything has most likely been written and performed for a while leading up to recording so it's just a matter of making it sound up to date with our gear etc. Mike will often have some last minute ideas, which is fine since I'm so prepared.

9. You once said that PJ Harvey made you pick the guitar and that she is a massive influence on your music, but when one gets into your music what emerges seems to be more like a tremendous presence of 4AD sonic seal particularly the medieval imprint of Dead Can Dance. How do you explain that urge to sound to some church choir solemnity?

Ahhhh.... YES! I'm so glad that all comes through! I loved Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and NYC art rock band Hugo Largo. I created and sang in a Bulgarian Women's Choir and chanting group in San Francisco in 1990's-2000; we experimented with Medieval harmonies and even sang some Chinese songs, beautiful, beautiful stuff. I sang at Glide Memorial Church Gospel Choir as well, I've just explored the voice but always come back to what my first musical inspirations are, were and probably will forever be, the dissonant, somewhat dark, haunting and ethereal. When people that don't know "dream pop" genre stuff ask me what my music sounds like, I say it sounds like a pop song sung in a church with dark overtones....

10. “In the Light” EP was not the safest choice to make for a debut and it is definitely a bold one. The sonic ambience clearly reminds a sort of mantra or prayer, but mostly and overall, an exorcisement that seems to outgrow from the layered vocals. It worked in part as a turning point, but also as a summoning of all past experiences. Was it like that? What can you tell us about it?

When I was picking songs to record with Kevin McMahon, for the "In the Light" record, “Anything” (a track released on SYLFF) was on the table, “Dive” was recorded and not released, as was another creepy dark song I haven't released yet called "Journey", and I made a decision to NOT do a pop record, to put out songs that might not be so easily liked, my thought was "people want to hear something different, everyone is doing the Ty Segall thing, everyone is selling garage rock etc.... I really wanted to challenge people.

11. Between “In the Light” EP and “Set Your Lightning Fire Free” you changed producer and drummer. How did this transformation contribute to rethink the inner dynamics of the band and to which extent did it influence and redefined the working process from then on because there seems to have occurred an aesthetic change of path in between the two?

When we did the full length, the song Gone was sort of the bridge we thought to the EP, and maybe a few others, but we just grabbed the songs we had started playing on tour.... there was a 3 year gap between the two releases so we started to add new stuff to the mix, upbeat stuff.... make the kids dance in that basement DIY scene!

12. Listening to your discography and considering your musical influences it is interesting to highlight that from a sonic point of view and certainly, from an aesthetic one your sound is not as dark as we could initially think of, in fact the dark mood that beautifully infects your sound is a happy one I would say. How do you explain it?

Ahhhhhahahahaa.... you found my TRICK!!! You are exactly right! I love, love, love writing dark 'sounding' songs in a positive light. I just love playing with these overtones so much, and I love being optimistic and helpful, it might also be that it's easier to hear the light when you're sinking into the heaviness of the sounds... like in the song “Go”, or “Shine Thru”!

13. “Setting Your Lightning Fire Free” was a brilliant full-length debut and undoubtedly one of the 2015 best albums. A year later, how would you describe everything that was involved in the making of the album?

Wow! Thanks for saying it was one of your favs! That's so amazing!! We really did a quick job on that one and honestly we did an even quicker job on this one!!! I just learned from demo-working the album ahead of time, working with Dan Goodwin and how motivated he is (once we pin him down haha) that the flow of 'go with it' is good for us. These songs have been realized for me for a long time and even though I hadn't played all of them live I knew that they were strong enough to be released, I like not being so precious, for me it's good to work hard and then let go of the results.

14. "Here comes the Wave” will be SHANA FALANA'S sophomore album due out this Fall. I have been listening to “Cool Kids” and I am thrilled. It is an awesome addictive track. What can we expect from the new album? Does it correspond to a different aesthetic approach or does it follow the same creative flow of the previous one?

I'm so glad you're digging "Cool Kids" that song is so fun! This release I think is going to feel different for people, it's definitely more pop oriented, dark pop in my view, I was worried that we may lose some of our 'shoegaze' cred, but maybe all the goth's will come with me!!!

15. Considering that SHANA FALANA have always adopted a fully DIY approach to music industry how do you see the actual state of the music business and how different it is now to be part of Team Love?

We are still very DIY... Team Love is amazing but they are not paying our way. We still hire our own PR, radio campaign, Mike is booking us, managing us.... they DO offer licensing and distribution which has been incredibly helpful... our record is in stores all over the US and EU and we have been licensed quite a bit from the last release and even In the Light. So, it's a slow climb up, but honestly I'm happy about the pace, this is ALOT of work, and it gives me the chance to integrate everything I'm also doing for my sobriety.

16. SHANA FALANA has an ever growing faithful crowd following the band whether in the US or Europe. What are SHANA FALANA'S near future touring plans?

We are playing some release shows in NY Oct. 20-22nd and then heading out on a national 5 weeks tour starting in Philadelphia Nov. 3rd, we will be in the West Coast! The dates should be up soon on our website Hoping to tour this new record for a while and get over to the EU! If anyone reading this wants to help with that...... we are OPEN!

September 19, 2016

The Veldt: “The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation” EP [PROMO]

With Danny’s enveloping hooks, Daniel’s swooning falsetto... the new songs invite paradoxical praise: serenely assaultive, vertiginously soothing – The Guardian

Atmospheric sounds... their presence in and of itself is historic - Noisey / VICE

The Veldt are a unique and singular, musical proposition - authentic American soul music, without post-modern irony, without cliché. If theVelvet Underground had left the Factory and toured with STAX ... They are Kane's kissing kousins – Rudy Tambala (A.R. Kane)

Their awesome wobbly psychy guitar music and from-the-heart soulful vocals are as wonderful as ever...myself and Robin Guthrie are just 2 screaming fans – Creation Records' Founder Joe Foster

For black artists, doing anything outside of the bubble, beyond what’s derivative of what white kids are doing, being able to express yourself honestly, is not celebrated at all. So when I heard these guys, it gave me confidence – Doc McKinney (The Weeknd, Drake, Estherio)

"Unique out of the box atmospheric soulgaze." - Indievotion

Just days after completing their Central Canadian tour, The Veldt kicked off their European tour with Reverence Festival Valada in Portugal. This tour will also take them to Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Sweden and Denmark.

The Veldt are perhaps the most renowned protégés of Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), apart from Lush, and contemporaries of A.R.Kane. Apart from collaborating with those two artist, they have also worked with TV On The Radio, Mos Def and Lady Miss Kier (Deee-Lite), and have toured and played with The Pixies, Throwing Muses, Echo & The Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins, Manic Street Preachers, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Oasis, Living Colour and TV on the Radio, among others. Most recently they toured East coast dates with The Brian Jonestown Massacre for their U.S. tour.

This will be the first official tour of mainland Europe for the The Veldt in promotion of their new EP 'The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur'. During the Italian leg of the tour, they will tour with Rome-based three-piece WEIRD., one of the foremost shoegaze artists from southern Europe, with support from Lady Sometimes Records. Highlights of this tour include the Reverence Valada Festival, Liverpool Psych Festival, and GataFest Sweden.

The Veldt were a sensation from the start as they became a part of a movement of innovators who came of musical age at a time when rhythmic rebels were reflective, gritty and wild. Their sound inspired future generations of alternative artists, including TV On the Radio.

Before and after leaving Mercury Records, their music was remarkeable in being tastefully loud and exploring color, space, sensuality and beat driven melodies with rhythmic and dynamic tension. Daniel's falsetto vocals cast a contrast upon the wall of sound created by Danny's heavy rock dreamscape guitar and Hayato's pounding and licentious beats.

“The major labels were always trying to get us to change our sound, our look or both,” Daniel laughs. “But, we had no interest in being the next Lenny Kravitz or Tony! Toni! Toné! Unfortunately, not everyone shared our vision. We weren’t trying to be rock stars, we just want to play our music and pay our rent.”

'The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur' EP serves to mark the band's re-emergence after a hiatus and will be followed by their 'Resurrection Hymns' LP in early 2017 via SonaBLAST! Records. For these veteran musicians and passionate noise technicians, this newest EP marks a new beginning. The new EP is available on vinyl from Manchester-based Leonard Skully Records and on CD and digitally at


09/19 Genova, Italy - TBC

09/21 Paris, France - Supersonic (with Electric Eye)

09/22 London, UK - Shacklewell Arms (with Electric Eye, Camera)

09/23 Liverpool, UK - Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

09/24 Malmo, Sweden - Gatufest // Norra Grängesbergsgatan

09/25 Copenhagen, Denmark – TBC

September 18, 2016

Rodney Cromwell: 'Fax Message Breakup' EP [PROMO]

"Sounds like liquid gold. Age of Anxiety has renewed my faith in the digital age of electro pop" - MALCOLM HOLMES, OMD

"Rodney Cromwell's music belongs to the future" - NME

"A must for those who like their synthpop lo-fi but with tunes" - THE ELECTRICITY CLUB

"Adam Cresswell has always made quality but quirky askew view of the world and its woes, but with enough gallows humour and blissful tunes to leave you feeling optimistic about the future" - SOUNDS XP

“A reminder of good pop tunes from a magical era” - LOUDER THAN WAR

"This is really just the best album of 2015" - DE KETTINGZAAG

"Golden electropop for a magical future. A must listen!" - INDIEVOTION

Happy Robots Records has announced that they will release ‘Fax Message Breakup’, the new five-track EP from Rodney Cromwell.

Rodney Cromwell’s debut album ‘Age of Anxiety’ was a surprising left-field critical hit featuring in over 30 ‘Best of 2015’ charts including Electronic Sound Magazine and The Electricity Club, who also named him ‘Most Promising New Act’. The track ‘Barry Was An Arms Dealer’ featured in the fan voted 2015 Official Festive 50.

Rodney Cromwell is the nom-de-plume of Adam Cresswell, founding member of indie-folktronica band SALOON (who had four entries in John Peel’s Festive 50 & recorded three Peel Sessions) and one half of acclaimed electronic two piece ARTHUR & MARTHA.

Although PHIL COLLINS and his infamous split with his second wife inspired its title, there is none of the vapid over-produced bombast of Collins’ work in Cromwell’s lo-fi disco lament. ’Fax Message Breakup’ has become a fan favourite, having resonated with many.

In a miserable year that has seen the passing of loved musical artists, disruption and political upheavals, the melancholia of ‘Fax Message Breakup’ is very much of the zeitgeist; a paean to despair and defeat with an incessant disco beat. With the inherent nihilism of its chorus “I can’t do this anymore, I don’t know what it’s for” it is perhaps the perfect soundtrack for 2016.

The EP also features four exclusive remixes. ‘Fax Message Breakup’ is remixed by HOLOGRAM TEEN (ex-STEREOLAB synth-wizardess Morgane Lhote) who brings her glitchy motorik disco sound to the party and by regular collaborator AUW, who stretches the title track into something akin to a dark Depeche Mode synth epic. CHRIS FRAIN from Colorado remixes ‘Baby Robot’ in a 1970s space disco vein - file between Meco’s ‘Star Wars Theme’ and Space’s ‘Magic Fly’. And London’s THE LEAF LIBRARY close the EP with a beautifully restrained remix of ‘Cassiopeia’ that sounds like Brian Eno collaborating with Galaxie 500.

‘Fax Message Breakup’ features Alice Hubley (Arthur & Martha, Cosines) on additional synth and Richard Salt (Controllers) on guitar. The video is produced by Dariy Karyakin and features Alisa Karsova.

‘Fax Message Breakup’ EP will be available for digital download on November 11, 2016. The album 'Age of Anxiety' is out now on CD and digitally. Both are released by Happy Robots Records and distributed by Cargo Records.


Nov. 4 London - Haunt, Stoke Newington (A Happy Robots Records Night)

Nov. 5 Norwich - Epic Studios (with Marsheaux)

September 17, 2016

Perpacity: Arise LP [PROMO]

"This is dark, fantastic, swellegant bliss, plain and simple... this flashback-induced feeling is real. They have manifested it" - The Spill Magazine

"Highly moving electronic soundscapes with genuine heartfelt delivery, precision and clarity – a must-listen for any self-acclaimed lover of synth pop or new wave" - The Record Stache

"A UK & Scandinavian take on electronic syntheses that travel further into the esoteric undergrounds" - Impose Magazine

"Synthpop music that’s swathed in electronic soundscapes and texture" - God is in the TV Zine

"An extremely successful combination of synthpop and dance-pop...astonishing sonic refinement" - System Failure

"First class synthpop with a frenzy dancefloor touch." Indievotion

British-Danish synth pop duo Perpacity will soon release their new single ‘Vain in a World’ on September 16. This rather Erasure-esque track follows accolades for the single '9725' and b-side ‘Eternal ft. Nordik Fire’. Both tracks are from their forthcoming second album ‘Arise’. Comprised of 14 tracks, it is scheduled for release on October 7.

Perpacity is a duo comprised of Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup, who reside in Bristol (UK) and Copenhagen (Denmark) respectively. Their music exhibits a strong command of melody and texture, characterized by unique dark moving electronic soundscapes and vocals to set your heart alight. This is genuine, unconditional love for synthpop or dance-pop.

Martin Nyrup started to craft music back in the days of the Commodore 64. Progressing to other synth and computer-related instruments and gradually mastering recording technologies, he fairly quickly got involved in writing music for the gaming industry. After moving onto the PC, he worked for various game studios creating music, game effects and conversions for the many soundcards of that era.

He met Perpacity vocalist Ian Harling when working in the gaming industry, who originally hails from the Isle of Man. Ian laid down vocals to one of Martin’s compositions, giving birth to Perpacity some eight years ago. Perpacity released their debut album‘The Sinner Inclination’ in early 2015, followed by the singles ‘Obscene’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘Volatile Cohesion’.

“When we set out to write the new album we agreed to not try to go for a specific mood, theme or atmosphere - that whether a song or a track made the initial cut depended purely on whether we like it and whether it speaks to us. We purposely allowed other genres to influence what came out of each song,” explains Martin Nyrup.

Martin’s musical influences include Depeche Mode, Yazoo, New Order, and Kraftwerk. These strikingly differ from Ian’s, who says Irish bands, both indie and folk, such as Clannad, The Cranberries and Plague Monkeys have deeply inspired him, as well as Elsiane and Sarah McLachlan.

“One of the reasons that Martin and I work well together is that we don't have the same tastes in music, often quite the opposite,” says Ian Harling.

The ‘Arise’ LP was mastered by Alexander Kretov from renowned dreampop band Ummagma. On October 7, ‘Arise’ will be released on CD and digital download via the duo’s Bandcamp, Amazon, and elsewhere. It is already available for pre-order on Bandcamp, with immediate download of ‘9725’ and ‘Eternal ft. Nordik Fire’