Friday, February 20, 2015

Darkher: Queen of Depths

Mostly inspired by her inner world, emotions and imagination, running in parallel to the outer world and interested in beautiful inspiring imagery, the former member of the neo folk band The Steals, the West Yorkshire (UK) singer-songwriter DARKHER whose real name is Jayn Wissenberg emerges as a thrilling talented musician.

DARKHER's music is filled with dense guitar thick drumming and sweet crystal water voice calling for ancient ages bewitching the listener into the deepest depths of unknown regressions questing for undiscovered inner territories.

Beyond any sort of comparison DARKHER's music pushes you almost inevitably to remind of Chelsea Wolfe, Marissa Nadler and Emily Jane White's work.

When one goes though DARKHER's The Kingdom Field there is a strong presence of Feral Love or We Hit a Wall dark visceral atmosphere but there is also the ghostly ambience of a nostalgic thrive so typical of Was it a Dream or Drive as well as one senses the creepy haunting vibes of Dark Undercoat or Wolves.

It somehow feels that DARKHER blends in her music the specific features of those singer-songwriters mentioned above plus in addition her own uniqueness. This goes without surprise considering that they all deal with a sugary darkness coated within a pantheistic feel evocative of bewildering natural spiritual energies.

INDIEVOTION awaits with high expectations DARKHER's debut LP due to be released during this year. Meanwhile, check out her magic in the above videos.