Monday, February 23, 2015

Springtime Carnivore: dream poppin'...

Springtime Carnivore is Greta Morgan's most recent music project. Once associated with Gold Motel and The Hush Sound she also toured as guitarist for the ex-Vivian Girls Katy Goodman's La Sera. 

Springtime Carnivore released the first album last November and Greta Morgan whose lifetime dream would be living in some sort of a Beach Boys good vibrations state of mind forevermore unsurprisingly defines her music as some sort of Technicolor Daydream Pop. 

Spanning her musical influences from The Beatles, Peter Paul and Mary to Nick Drake and Bob Dylan, she concedes that under such influence her songwriting structures turned out to be rather classic balancing between poppy harmonies and less cheer though beautiful folk balladerie. 

Her songs are filled with shadowy fuzzy guitars, moving along drumming and 60's dreamy voicings that pushes you back to festive warm sunsets on the beach and to some happy feeling of longing for places, people and circunstances that are not there anymore but makes you comfortably not numb. 

Springtime Carnivore aims at making music against the zombiefication of the human spirit... While you check out her North American Tour Dates take some time to watch Springtime Carnivore videos below...